Univerzita Karlova

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Official name: Univerzita Karlova
English name: Charles University
Institution email: [email protected]
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Ovocný trh 560/5
116 36 Praha 1

50.0864563, 14.4235127


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Disability / Inclusion Office

Responsible person
Carolina Centre
Phone number
(+420) 224 491 896
Celetná 13 116 36 Prague 1 Czech Republic

Additional information about contacting the Disability/Inclusion Office

International Relations Office

Responsible person
International Relations Office
Phone number
(+420) 224 491 675
Ovocný trh 560/5 116 36 Praha 1

Additional information about contacting the International Relations Office

Procedures for students

Procedure to be recognised as a student with fewer opportunities

Currently, the Charles University provides essential support for Erasmus+ students with fewer opportunities such as

  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Physical impairments
  • Specific learning disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Psychological disorders
  • Other difficulties (e.g. impaired communication, or chronic somatic disease)

If you are considering yourself a student with fewer opportunities, as a first step, please discuss your wish to undertake an (Erasmus+) stay at the Charles University with the contact person of the faculty where you would like to study: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-13.html

The central office responsible for support of students with fewer opportunities at Charles University is Carolina Centre. Feel free to contact the centre with all questions and inquiries.

As soon as you are accepted at the Charles University, we highly recommend that you undergo an interview with one of our specialists who will issue an assessment with supporting measures that you can benefit from during your stay. The list of functional diagnosis specialists at the CU is available here: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-14.html

The adjustment of your stay according to your special needs and requirements will be much easier when you present us relevant documents proving your condition. There are 4 main types of acknowledgeable documents:

  1. Medical report containing results of a medical examination
  2. Document(s) proving specific learning disorder, stamped, and signed by a relevant organization in your country
  3. Document issued by your home university disability/inclusion office confirming your special needs. 

The relevant documentation has to be sent to your host faculty coordinator before the start of the semester. The faculty coordinators contacts are listed at: https://cuni.cz/UKEN-199.html

Each of the 17 CU faculties has an authorized contact person for students with fewer opportunities, who will be willing to help you with anything related to your special requirements. Please feel free to contact the coordinator anytime during your stay since all coordinators cooperate with study programmes guarantors and teachers. Contact details are listed at: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-13.html

Apart from counselling, some faculties also have special offices that provide students with a range of services (e.g. digitized study materials, interpreting and transcription services etc.).

This institution has not provided information about if the procedure applies for both local and international students

Procedure to be recognised as a student with a disability

Same as for students with fewer opportunities.

In case of severe physical disabilities, please contact the fewer opportunities coordinator at the proposed host faculty well ahead of applying for your Erasmus+ stay.

Same as for students with fewer opportunities

Please note that due to capacity reasons, full time assistance cannot be provided. Therefore, if it is relevant for you, feel free to bring your own assistant from your home country.

Although the accessibility of CU buildings is one of our long-lasting goals, its achievement is challenging due to the fact that University’s workplaces are usually located in historical buildings. Please check the accessibility of your faculty at: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-90.html 

As a CU Erasmus+ student with disability, you can also ask for discounts and special offers in some museums and theatres.

This institution has not provided information about if the procedure applies for both local and international students

Adjustments for students with disabilities

  • May bring a note taker to educational activities
  • May bring a personal assistant to educational activities
  • May bring a Sign Language interpreter to the educational activities
  • May request adjusted courses materials: size, font and font size, braille, etc.
  • May request the course material in digital format
  • May request to record lectures
  • May use a laptop, tablet or iPad during lectures
  • May use elevators and other access facilities on campus
  • May take a seat in separate exam room for written exams
  • May take more preparation time before the oral exam
  • May take more time for the written exam

Please note that the list of adjustments and services available might be modified according to your own requirements. Each case should be discussed individually, so if you have not found your requirement on the list, please feel free to consult the availability with Carolina Centre: [email protected]

Services and Support

Financial support

This institution does not offer extra financial support for incoming students with disabilities.

Medical and Psychological support

Charles University Psychological Counselling Centre offers high quality services (in English) to help international students with getting through any challenges that may occur during a stay in a foreign environment.

You are warmly welcome to visit the Counselling Centre personally, but it is also possible to access its services on-line. There is a range of online platforms available such as MsTeams, ZOOM, Skype and some other ones, depending on your agreement with the chosen specialist. To ensure the availability, we highly recommend booking your appointment in advance: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-64.html  

Contact for medical support

Responsible person
Carolina Centre
Phone number
(+420) 224 491 896
Školská 13a, Prague 1, small green door

Housing support

The Charles University arranges accommodation for its incoming students at CU Halls of Residence. Due to capacity reasons, students are usually housed in double rooms, however, students with relevant special needs can request a single room (with shared bathroom). 

If there is a medical reason why you should be housed in a single room, please send a medical proof in English language confirming your request to: [email protected]

Detailed information about the CU halls of residence can be found at: https://cuni.cz/uken-365.html

We also recommend you checking the accessibility of dormitory buildings at: https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CCENG-109.html

If you wish to be housed in a particular dormitory adjusted to your special needs, please contact us at [email protected]

Responsible person
Accomodation Office
Phone number
(+420) 770 141 703; (+420) 770 141 704
Zvoníčkova 1927/5 162 08 Prague 6

Additional services

This institution does not provide additional support appart of those listed above.


Preparatory visits

This institution has not provided information about preparatory visits.

Welcoming activities

The Charles University faculties organize orientation weeks/days for all Erasmus+ incoming students. Detailed information about the orientation period is sent to students after their application is approved.

Students with fewer opportunities are warmly welcome to participate in the university life. The majority of social events is organized by ESN Prague: https://esncuprague.cz/ The ESN will do its best to adjust its activities to your special requirements. However, we kindly ask you to inform the ESN office about your special needs in advance, so these can be considered by the planning.

Buddy programme is also very active at the Charles university: https://cuni.cz/UKEN-358.html Since all Buddies are working on a voluntary basis and may lack special training, they should not be considered as regular assistants, but can help you with integration in the beginning of your stay.

There are also plenty of student clubs at the CU faculties: https://cuni.cz/UKEN-371.html. Feel free to contact them and ask for possibilities of involvement.