During the project Peer Learning Activities and Resources for Social Inclusion in Mobility Programmes (PLAR-4-SIMP) we have developed a communication package with useful resources that you can use to promote mobility programmes in an inclusive way.


The student ambassador approach is a great way to build the confidence of others who are
considering their options. Connecting students with their peers helps to make a mobility
programme feel more achievable. Use the stories of our ambassadors to promote mobility

Presentations and flyers on

In this package, you will find key communication content to promote the platform including flyers and presentations addressing different stakeholders and beneficiaries groups. Some of the content here is made into an adaptable version for you to customise as well!

Presentation templates

Here you will find general templates for presentations on the theme of inclusive mobility. The content of this package contains different versions with various degrees of customisability for you to adapt the content and visual identity also based on your preference.

Social media visuals and key messages

Want to communicate from your social media about This is the package that works for you! Inside you will find not only prepared visuals but also a set of key messages that you can adapt and use with your own visuals.

Inclusive communication manual

In order to install an inclusive mobility strategy at the institutional and/or national level, it is important to ensure the provided information about mobility opportunities is accessible and targeted towards all students, and specifically towards those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and underrepresented. This manual provides you with tips and tricks and an overview of inclusive actions you should take when planning and designing communications to ensure accessibility, and when organising inclusive promotional events either in person or online.