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The Higher Education Act (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 32/12 - official consolidated text, 40/12 - ZUJF, 57/12 - ZPCP-2D, 109/12 , 85/14 , 75/16 , 61/17 - UPS and 65/17 ) 


Article 69.a

(Students with disabilities and special status)

Students with special needs are blind and visually impaired students or students with impaired visual function, deaf and partially deaf students, students with speech-language disabilities, physically handicapped students, long-term ill students, students with autistic disorders and students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Students with a special status under this Act are students top athletes, students renowned artists and other students who attend (regional) international competitions. Students with a special status are students who during their studies become parents.

Students with disabilities and students with special status are entitled to:

- preferential treatment in the selection process in the case of limited enrollment,

- adapting the implementation of study programs and additional professional assistance in their studies, which can help them advance and complete their studies over time, as envisaged by the study program, while retaining other rights and privileges of students from the first paragraph of Article 69 of this Act.

Procedures and detailed method of exercise of the rights referred to in the preceding paragraph determines the minister responsible for higher education.

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This Country has not provided information about National Inclusion Support for outgoing students.

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This Country has not provided information about about National Inclusion Support for incoming students.

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