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There is no differentiation between physical or mental disabilities, and there is no limit to which illnesses or conditions are included.

According to the Executive Order on Exams for higher educational institutions:


“§ 7. The university can offer special conditions for students with a physical or mental disability and for students with another first language than Danish, when the university deems it necessary to make students equal to the other students in the same exam situation. It is a premise that the offer does not change the level of difficulty of the exam.“

Almost all similar provisions are in the three other Executive Orders on Exams for the higher educational institutions.

Students are entitled to supportive measures when they can provide recent medical documentation of lasting or long-lasting physical, sensory or psychological impairments, which in interaction with barriers in the educational system may hinder full and effective participation in education.

Students who are entitled to Danish State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme and attending higher education or a vocational education, are entitled to a disability allowances, when they have a very substantial limitation in their earning capacity because of a lasting physical or psychological disability.

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