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According to the Law 113 (I)/99 of the Republic of Cyprus, “a student with disabilities" means a student with a severe learning disability or special learning needs, functional or adaptive difficulty, due to physical (including sensory), mental or other cognitive or mental disabilities. A student has learning difficulties, functional or adaptive difficulties, if: (i) has significantly greater learning or adaptation difficulties in comparison with the majority of students of his/her age; or (ii) has a disability that prevents or impedes him/her from using the standard educational facilities and resources available for students of his/her age.

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This Country has not provided information about National Inclusion Support for outgoing students.

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National Inclusion Support

This Country has not provided information about about National Inclusion Support for incoming students.

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The Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes, in addition to the financial support that provides to every student that wants to participate in a mobility initiative abroad (for purposes of transportation, accommodation, food and language preparation), subsidizes students with disabilities with extra financial support in the context of these programmes such as: accompaniment during the trip, transfer using a special vehicle, assistant / caregiver during the day or overnight, medical supplies or medical follow-up and special teaching material.

The process of approving the additional funding is simple and the student with disability has to visit the Erasmus Office at his/her Higher Education Institution to complete the forms required.